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Remunance Provides End to End Payroll Processing Services

You need a payroll service that will allow you to start focusing on your business instead of your paperwork. More than that, you need a solution that will streamline your entire payroll from end-to-end, from electronic payment management to workers’ compensation. At Connivia, we recognize the issues that arise from a complicated payroll process and we were determined to create a payroll service that would eliminate stress and reduce risks, and we wanted to do it at rates that were affordable to our various clients. Connivia’s payroll service program accomplishes all of this, and much, much more.
If you’re looking for a payroll service for your business, then look no further than Connivia. We developed our program to ease the burden of payroll from our clients, and we managed to do it at the most cost-effective rates in the industry. Take a look at some of the services and features listed below to see why our payroll service has become so successful.
Our accounting team focuses on generating Payroll Services help operations run your property effectively. A few optional reports listed below:

 Oversee all accounts payable
 Tax Management and Payroll Experts
 Assisted Payroll Enrollment to get you Started Quickly
 Processes payroll, including quarterly reports and W2s
 Online Employee Pay Stubs
 Go Green With 100% Direct Deposit or Save By Choosing Employer Self Print Access
 Security Encryption

Feature Benefit
Prompt, accurate electronic tax liability filing Eliminates your penalty exposure with the IRS and State governments, guaranteed!
All required government reporting No more monthly, quarterly or annual report filing
Year-end W-2’s, 1099’s, 1095’s etc No more year end W-2, ACA processing deadlines
Single and/or multi-state capabilities in all 50 states Eliminates your compliance issues no matter how many offices you have or where you are located
Digitally signed and sealed payroll checks No more checks for you to sign and seal
Direct Deposit to multiple bank accounts Reduces your baking fees and account reconciliation work
PayCard program Allows for Direct Deposit to “un-banked” employees
Integrated payroll and HR system Simplifies access to important employee data as it eliminates the need for multiple data bases
Automated Time & Attendance systems Eliminates calculating hours worked. Reduces errors. Controls and defines labor costs. Eliminates your data input for payroll processing
Accrued vacation, holiday and sick time processed automatically Eliminates your work involved in tracking earned benefit hours in separate systems
New Hire reporting to state agencies Ensures New Hire compliance
Garnishment checks and reports Eliminates employer liability
Detailed labor and job distribution reports Helps control and define your labor costs
Hundreds of detailed management reports. Easy to learn Report Writing capability Information that will help you better manage your employees and business
Worker’s comp administration. “Pay-As-You-Go” plans Reduces start up costs, helps cash low and eliminates your year-end audits
General Ledger reports and interfaces Eliminates your work involved in accounting for payroll
Certified Payrolls Ensures payroll compliance with Government contracts
Powerful on-site systems Provides you with full access to all employee payroll and HR data
Web-based systems Provides you with easy data access and input as well as paperless payroll
Employee on-line Self-Service Provides employees full access to payroll records, W-2’s eliminating demands on payroll clerks
Complete confidentiality Eliminates inner-office conflicts
Guaranteed accuracy Eliminates costly errors
On-time delivery Ensures satisfied employees
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A Good Accounting & Financial Service Provider, allows a Franchisee businesses to focus on core business capabilities, by allowing an outside partner to perform non-strategic business functions. Some of these functions include Financial reporting to Lenders,Tax Ready P&L and Balance Sheet ,Vendor Management , Bookkeeping, Payroll, Workers Comp claims processing and Video surveillance.

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Satisfied clients are our principal promoters. Honesty, reliability and the quality of our work has led our clients to believe in us. We have experience in serving following industries:

Outstanding Service! Ram and his experienced team have been a great resource for the company and have flawlessly provided timely and accurate financials that enables managment to have their fingers on the pulse of its operations which allows for sound decision making. We highly value Connivia services and their professional approach.

Gary Killoran

CFO Achor Technologies, Inc.
I am convinced that the Daily deposit report provided to me by Connivia is critical in tracking bank deposits accurately and results with improved profitability for the company.

Jinal Patel

20+ Unit Franchise Owner in KY
Connivia help me to save around 4% of Labor cost by just introducing their innovative labor matrix hour tools and by using this tool I saved approximately $6000 per year per store, Thanks you Connivia!

Chintu Patel

(Multi Unit and Franchise owner)
I asked help from Connivia as I was totally lost and loosing money every month in my 3 Hotels, even though the Occupancy % were not much fluctuating. Ram taken this task and prepared a detailed Profit Leakage Analysis and this report really help me to control the Payroll, Breakfast Supplies and Utilities. Now I am back on track.

Dhawal Patel

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Satisfied clients are our principal promoters. Honesty, reliability and the quality of our work has led our clients to believe in us.

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